Have you dreamed of visiting London, but felt it would take a week or longer to sample its historic sites? Think again. You can experience some of London's best in just a couple of days.

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Day One.

Thames River Walk. Take a famous London Black Cab to the Tower of London. The ride is an experience, not just a taxi. (15-30 min.)

• Explore the Tower of London. Keep your tour short, but be sure to check out the Crown Jewels. (1-2 hrs.)

• Walk across the Tower Bridge. It's the fancy blue one. (15 min.) From here you get the best view of the Tower of London for photos.

• Cross over to Butler's Wharf and enjoy lunch at one of the riverfront restaurants near where Bridget lived in Bridget Jones's Diary. (1.5 hrs.)

• Keeping the Thames on your right, you'll come to the warship HMS Belfast. Tours daily 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (30 min.-1 hr.)

• Walk up London Bridge Street to find The Borough Market. Used in countless films, it is said to be the city's oldest fruit and vegetable market, dating from the mid-1200s. (1 hr.)

• Back on the river, you'll discover a tiny ship tucked into the docks: a replica of Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hind, which braved pirates in the days of yore. (15 min.)

• Notable London pubs are situated along the route and are good for a pint, a cup of tea and a deserved break. Kids are welcome.

• Continue on to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, rebuilt recently to its original splendor. A tour of the building is well worth it. (1 hr.)

Tate Modern. A massive power station is now home to the world's largest Modern Art gallery. Up top is a café. On your right is the contemporary Millennium Bridge. Modern marvel or sadly unattractive—you decide. (30 min.)

• Around the bend towers the newly famous London Eye. Built for the millennium celebration, the Ferris wheel boasts non-stop glass capsules. Buy tickets online beforehand. (1-2 hrs.)

• Cross the Westminster Bridge to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. (1 hr.)

• Dinner—Duck into an Indian curry house for a truly British experience. Gratuity is included.

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Day Two.

London's fantastic museums, markets and theaters beckon. Try to squeeze in several—or leisurely explore just a few.

London Theatre. Plan ahead. Discount tickets should be purchased in Leicester Square (open 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Sat., noon-7 p.m. Sun.) at the official TKTS office or visit theater box offices. Times and prices are posted. Beware of unofficial half-price ticket vendors, whose prices will be higher. (1 hr.)

Buckingham Palace. Get there by 11 a.m. to watch the changing of the guard. (1 hr.)

British Museum. (Free) Tucked away off Russell Square, view the Rosetta Stone and an amazing cache of Greek, Egyptian and Old World artifacts. (1-3 hrs.)

Victoria and Albert. Giant columns and ancient sculptures are reconstructed complete to scale. Kids love it.

• Late Lunch—Harrods' Food Hall. Superb building, and the food hall is a treat. (1 hr.)

Piccadilly Circus. London's Times Square is a carnival of cars and crowds. (20 min.)

Trafalgar Square. Famous fountains and lots of pigeons. (20 min.)

Covent Garden. The old market in central London features street performers, shops and restaurants. Best in the evening before the theater and a close walk to Leicester Square. (1 hr.)

London Theatre. Arrive on time, most shows begin promptly. Dress casual. (3-4 hrs.)

• Dinner—Many great Central London restaurants are open late for "theater hours."

St. Paul's Cathedral. Best to view at night when brilliantly lit. (1 hr.) 


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London Tips
From AAA Travel Professionals

  1. Book an extra day for a day-trip from London's Victoria Station via luxury and comfort on the world-famous vintage Orient-Express train to Oxford, Bath, Leeds Castle and other great historical destinations. If you don't have a full day to spare, you might choose instead to book their elegant five-course dinner departure out of Victoria Station into the English countryside.

  2. Eat a continental breakfast at your hotel. The Brits eat a large lunch and a late dinner.

  3. For a glimpse of the most sights in one day, jump onto a double-decker bus tour. It provides a narrated visit, and you can hop-on, hop-off at your favorites. Tickets are $30 each and can be purchased right on the bus. 

  4. In Black Cabs, round-out to the next whole pound. Step out of the cab then pay through the door window. Light on = for hire.

  5. Don't tip in pubs—really.

Call or visit your local AAA Travel Professional or visit AAA.com/travel to book a London Getaway.

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