I can remember when I was a kid we would go on family vacations which, of course, meant driving all over the country. The thing I remember most is the huge pile of maps we had of every city in every state.

The maps would spend the whole year in the garage, so when they were taken out, they had that garage smell that filled the entire car, and there began the memories of the car trip. My mom in the front seat, my dad driving, and my brothers squashed in the back seat with me. The maps were old—and they would fade over the years—which led to some very interesting getting lost sessions where my dad would get angry and the steering wheel would get punched. And, of course, some colorful language would be spewed.

We would end up just pulling over at the nearest building—wherever we happened to be—and asking where in the heck we were going. That is how the family vacation always transpired.

These days, those types of things may happen, but they do not have to, thanks to the technology we have on the shelves. Digital maps and systems to get you where you have to go; what an amazing thing that I wish we had many years ago.

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