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Recently, my fairly new tires were making a noise. I took the car to my local (and very trusted) tire shop, and they found signs of deterioration. It didn't occur to me that the tires could be going bad with so much tread on them.

SC Hartman

It sounds like you have the early stages of a belt separation inside the tire. While the tire may appear to be fine just by looking at the tread, the belt can be starting to separate. I recommend getting another opinion perhaps from an independent repair shop. The car should be put on a hoist and each tire should be spun to watch the lateral run-out.

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I have a vibration that is getting more consistent. When I get to about 45/50 mph it will start, sometimes it quits at 60, sometimes not. It used to only happen occasionally, now it is almost always. I can feel it and even see it in the steering wheel vibration. 

K. Stone

It definitely sounds tire related. You will need to have the tires checked for general condition. If that is okay, have them checked for balance. This will also determine if a tire is "out-of-round."

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