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The ultimate packing strategy for butt plug travel

Most of the couples fantasize about a vacation in white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Travel is always a great way to ignite your passion and it is more romantic when you are out of town, away from the daily routine. Nothing can beat vacation sex and it can be very much be enhanced if you are willing to try out new things. There are varieties of sex toys available to satisfy all your secret fantasies. The butt plug is the most exotic one and you will experience sexual pleasure which you have never even dreamt of.

You get to explore many varieties of the butt plug in various online sites.  Metal ones available at love plugs are one of the most sought-after sex toys. These sex toys make the intimacy much better. However, there are quite a few things one need to keep in mind while packing butt plug and other sex toys while traveling.

  • Ensure that all the sex toys are clean.
  • Pack all the sex toys in a plastic, clear Ziploc bags.
  • Take away all the batteries and charging cords
  • Take smaller items which can be packed and kept neatly hidden in your check-in
  • Try to avoid taking metal toys which will be easily detected.
  • Keep smaller bottles of the liquid container as larger bottles will be taken away.
  • Better to label them as unwanted questions can be avoided

Whenever you are planning an exotic trip with your partner, do check the rules and regulations of the country you are visiting.  Sexual customs widely vary around the globe.  Any item which is normal to use or carry in one country might create quite a scandal in other. If any item is illegal in a specific country and if at all it is found in your possession, you will be detained.