The Best Way To Find Restaurants Near You

When travel bugged me:

I must confess that travel terrified me especially when my kids were younger. The thought of them bawling with hunger in my arms while I was still deciphering which is the best place to grab a meal and theirs was so overwhelming that after the first disastrous trip I decided to never make it till my children grew up and able to take care of themselves.

But my younger sister was different:

Apparently, last year when my younger sister came over for a vacation, she had a packed itinerary and it surprised me absolutely how she was courageously handling her travel agenda and with twin children only two years old. I was as much surprised as I was sick with worry.

But then I realized what she was doing right!
My sister had signed up with which was an application on her smart phone which helped track the best food places from where you are. It works on GPS and therefore helps you find the best restaurants based on your phone’s location. It is such a useful app that my sister swears by it. She has never had to actually go hunting for food in a new place and she is fascinated with the user-friendly GUI that the application sports.

She was so gaga about the application that it made me curious and I downloaded it just for testing even though I was not slated for any travel. And what do you think it helped me with. Well! We suddenly had guests over that evening without notice and we were thinking how we should host them. And it suddenly struck me to order food from outside from a place on this app!

My evening was made. The sea food restaurant we chose delivered food in less than an hour and piping hot. They did not even charge us for the delivery. I am so impressed that I am going to recommend this app to everyone I know!