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How to Go on a Boat Trip with Your Pet

Going on a fishing or boating trip is a wonderful experience, since you get to experience the other part of the world, the sea. Whether you are kayaking or going on a commercial cruise, the view and smell of the ocean is something that is worth remembering. What if you could share this experience with your pet?

As pets love the smell of new things, taking your pet on a boat trip will give your pet experiences it will never be able to experience in your home or on walks, as the sea has smells that cannot be smelled on land. Take your pet on a boat trip with you and it will increase the bond between you and your pet and increase the happiness of your pet. Although there are many things that must be taken care of to make sure your pet has a safe boat trip, it will be all worth it when you see your pet having a fun time.

Before you take our tips below, we highly recommend that you go to a vet, so that you will be able to get insight on special needs that your pet may have, since some pets have specific needs such as medicine or equipment that is needed to have a safe boat trip. Also ask for recommendations on things to bring such as sunscreen as your pet may have a certain skin problem that may require a different type of pet sunscreen.

Tips for a Safe Boat Trip

As hinted above, we highly recommend that you bring pet sun screen on your trip because your pet will be exposed to an increased amount of sunlight when taken on a boat trip. We recommend that you ask a vet on the best type of sunscreen your pet might need, but you can also use generalized sunscreen for pets if you think your pet doesn’t have any special skin needs. If not applied, your pet may have sunburns or subliminal skin damage as pets have weaker skin due to not having as much exposure to sunlight than humans do.

We also recommend that you bring along a ramp if the boat you will be going on the trip on has ledges that may be dangerous to jump off from or if there are ladders that must be used to get to certain areas. If you are going on a commercial boat trip, then you won’t need this, but if you will be going along on your own boat, then this is highly recommended so that you won’t have to carry around your pet everywhere you go.

The next thing that we recommend that you bring is a pet life jacket in case of an emergency. This is to make sure that you won’t have to worry about your pet if there is an accident as you won’t have to worry about your pet staying afloat when trying to recover the boat if it flips over due to a strong wave. This is recommended even if your pet knows how to paddle or swim as in emergencies like your boat flipping over, your mind should be focused on saving yourself and not your pet.

The last thing that we recommend is a litter box or pad as you won’t want your cat or dog doing its business on the deck that will leave a stain and a lingering smell. Keeping a litter box or a pad will get rid of the smell and will keep everything in place. We recommend that you make sure the box or pad is attached to the floor of the boat so that it won’t flip or spill if the boat hits a strong current and moves around a lot.


Taking your pet on a boat trip will let your pet have an awesome experience, so we highly recommend that you try and take your pet once on a boat trip so that it will be able to get a view and smell of the ocean at least once in its lifetime.

Vietnam- Places To Visit

Planning for a travel to Vietnam? Then, you must have known the procedure for passport and Vietnam visa requirements for us citizens. Never take the visa and passport procedures lightly. There are people who are turned back from Vietnam just because they do not have preapproval for the visa on arrival. So, take care of all those processes before planning for a travel to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a great place to travel. It is known for its beautiful scenery, awesome cuisines and authentic culture of the ancient Vietnamese. There are certain places which depict the real beauty of Vietnam and must not be missed.

Halong Bay: There are 1600 to 2000 islands in the Gulf of Tonkin at Halong. If you like to drench in the beauty of nature then just sail along the rocks out there. Generally, travelers like kayaking around the rocks, exploring the beautiful cave formation and enjoy watching the wildlife around there.

Hue: The city features many historical monuments like royal pagodas, temples, museums and royal tombs. This is the reason why the city has been declared as UNESCO World heritage site.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: Uncle Ho was a popular figure among the people of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh is the actual name and he was a famous political figure. His body is preserved here as a note of respect.

Cu Chi tunnels: This tourist spot is located in Ho Chi Minh City. The tourists enjoy crawling inside the tunnel, firing an M16 assault rifle and have sampling meals to experience the life of soldiers who lived years ago.

Sand Dunes of Mui Ne: This is one place which must not be missed by a traveler. It is just a four-hour away from the Ho Chi Minh City. The White and red dunes here are must for the travelers to explore.

Some of the other places here are Hoi An, Sapa, Hanoi and lots more. Vietnam is not a place for a hurried traveler. So, take your own time to enjoy the originality of Vietnam

Why I left America and settled in Thailand

Years ago, I was just like you. Waking up in the morning, eating the same breakfast, going to the same job, driving the same route home and then putting the television on until I eventually fall asleep, only to wake up and do it all over again. I can’t say that this life was exciting, or even fulfilling, in any sense of the word. This routine was my life for the best part of five years until something snapped inside of me and I thought ‘surely there has to be more to life than this’, and trust me when I say that their absolutely is.

We’ve been tricked into thinking making somebody else a ton of cash is how we should live. Whatever illusion that people are under that they feel like they have to do the same old routine everyday to survive, it’s a fake one. Two years ago today I moved to thailand in search of a better life.

I gathered what little savings I had, sold my car, packed a few clothes and just left. I had no family, I hated my job and no debts to hold me prisoner. Nobody would miss me and I thought that worse case scenario, I end up back in America better for the experience. That’s not to say that I wasn’t terrified though. I had literally no idea what I was doing.

After settling into the hotel and having a look around at what the small town had to offer, I knew that eventually I would have to buy a house if I were to commit to living here for as long as I wanted. One of the best real estate businesses in Samui helped me out so much. With a team that spoke perfect English, my needs and desires were perfectly understood. Within one month of searching a looking for the best place, I settled on a beach front villa.

Now my life is full of sun, sea and sand, I still work, but teaching at a surf school hardly feels like work!